Vianys Brave Wings Wreath
Vianys Brave Wings Wreath
Vianys Brave Wings Wreath
Vianys Brave Wings Wreath

Vianys Brave Wings Wreath

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A Timeless Keepsake to Cherish: this 1 piece 4th of July hanging door sign with a hook is more than just a decoration;

It's a symbol of loyalty, love, and pride for our nation;

This cherished keepsake can be passed down through generations as a poignant reminder of our nation's rich history, shared dreams, and unyielding spirit.

Artisan Craftsmanship in Every Piece: each welcome patriotic door hanger is constructed from quality wood, boasting durability and a natural aesthetic that will not go out of style;

This timeless piece will endure not just the elements, but also the test of time.

Patriotic Theme Design: brought to life in shades of red, blue, and white, the Independence Day hanging door sign exudes a passionate patriotic appeal; Its Independence Day eagle garland, pentagram pattern is an arresting visual treat and a proud nod to our country's vibrant history and ethereal beauty.

Properly Proportioned Patriotic Piece: with diameter of approximately 12 inches/ 30 cm, this wooden Independence Day decoration is an ideal size, neither too imposing nor too subtle, to grace your doorway, living room, office, or any other space that could use a touch of patriotic charm.

Functional Art for Any Setting: beyond just a door hanger, this American rustic wooden plaque serves as a charming decorative accent in virtually any setting; Add a patriotic atmosphere to your home, office, school, or commercial establishment, or use it to elegantly mark your participation in national celebrations and presentations.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Michael S.

UGH! These looked great in the ad but the picture is massively deceptive for several reasons. The colors are vibrant in the picture but dull in reality. Worse, the texture in the picture looks great with raised hand crafted feathers etc. The reality is a flat product, more like a photo than crafted wood. Looking at mine again, it's almost certainly a photo glued to wood or, at best, a paint job on a board. I didn't bother to display them.

Marcia O.

The photo is beautiful
The actual… very disappointing
‘Nuff said

richard b.

Totally NOT what was depicted in photos or description, I threw it in the trash!!

Richard P.
False Advertising

Just like every review I see, the product that arrived (from China, whoa, what a surprise) was nothing like the pictures in the ad. And I doubt very much the story of a father and son doing this to honor America. Hand carved my butt.

The pictures of this product are very DECEIVING!

What I received was nothing like the picture