BEST Breathable Face Mask KF94 in 2021

BEST Breathable Face Mask KF94 in 2021

By Christie Calucchia   Updated Aug 19, 2021

 It's been over two years since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended everyone wear face masks, and masks are still playing a role in the fight against the pandemic, even as people get vaccinated.


While you might already have a stash of face masks and disposable options at home, as the prevalence of the highly transmissible Delta variant and the increased possibility of breakthrough infections, it’s clear that that this is one wardrobe staple that will be getting plenty of use for the foreseeable future. 


So it might be time to invest yourself in protective face coverings that are actually comfortable.


But tried a number of masks so far, you might struggled finding yourself a professional-grade mask that won't cause allergy and are free to breathe when using for a long time.


From this point of view, our editorial team has tested several KF94 face masks, from its degree of protection, sealing, comfort, to its breathability. And we found an excellent masks that totally stands out from others.


It’s a company called MARIFUL, continuously working on advancing their face mask products functionality and shield protection, has scoured thousands of customer reviews, and dedicated to providing comfort and professional protection at the same time.


From reusable cloth masks, to KF94 Masks, MARIFUL provides multiple sizes masks in premium quality in plentiful quantities.


As for its protection,MARIFUL KF94 Mask provides a minimum 94% filter efficiency against 0.3-micron airborne particles. In comparison, other reusable masks are less effective when it comes to filtering harmful particles in the air.


And MRIFUL is also superior in its comfort. Made of latex-free, hypoallergenic materials, it shouldn't irritate your skin. Each has a nose bridge for a comfortable, secure fit and comes with soft ear loops.


Featuring a 3D fish shape, it fit really well, won’t bring you any suffocated feeling. Plus, this ergonomic design is for wearing, for it can block the fog from flowing upward and prevent the glasses from fogging.

Among all the tested masks, MARIFU is the best combination of filtering, quality and breathability. It’s recommended for you if you’re considering a breathable KF94 face masks.


Do not waste your time with other uncomfortable masks, you can now stay safe while stay cool.